Q: What’s your snow-day entertainment?

Stuck inside for days because of the weather? Entertain the kids with this list of ideas.

Q: What’s your snow-day entertainment?

30BF_CompPostWith so much cold weather across the States this week, I was wondering how the other moms entertain their kids when they’re stuck inside for days and days. Read on for some creative ideas…

Sara: My children love to play outside, no matter the weather. However, when we are stuck inside we let our imaginations lead. We often will play store or restaurant and take turns being cook or cashier. I also have craft bins and we get creative with what we make. My walls quickly become decorated with fresh art work. When all else fails, we rent movies from Netflix and play games on the iPad. Fortunately, my children often entertain themselves and love to play with each other.

Brandi: We always make cakes or cookies and decorate them and of course….eat them!

Amy St: Our kids like to watch movies, bake, play the Xbox (even the little one likes to dance), have marshmallow fights, have a bit of computer time, play with play-doh, do crafts…and wrestle!

Stevie: We watch movies (I try to check ones out from the library that we haven’t seen if I know we are going to be stuck inside for a few days). We pull out the play-doh, do crafts (I stock up when I see them on clearance or fun stuff from the dollar store), play board games, or play on the iPad. If we really need to just get out of the house, we go to restaurants with indoor playgrounds, the library, and sometimes we’ll head over to the local bounce house place. As the girls have gotten older, being stuck in the house isn’t quite as bed; S (’05) and C (’09) can play and keep themselves entertained for awhile.

Kimberly: We make up obstacle courses with furniture and household items. I also keep a rainy day box filled with balloons, string, paint selection strips, rubber bands, ping pong balls and a few other items- we can always come up with something to do with all those things and it doesn’t take much more room than a shoe box

Jen K: I stock up on the $1 crafts from Joann Fabrics to keep us busy. We’ll also Skype with Grandparents over lunchtime, mani/pedis, board games, and writing to Great-Grandma are all things we’ve done recently when snowed in.

Stephanie: We play with our hair and do our nails.

Tanya: Take family naps!

Mellie: We don’t have many of those days where I live, but when we do, we often have “dance parties” which is basically putting on YouTube videos of little kids dancing and we dance along!

Katie: Since all but one of our kids have asthma that is exacerbated by cold air (and we live in a cold climate) they are pretty used to being inside. Our big kids could spend all day reading. We also enjoy playing games, playing the Wii, craft projects, baking, family movie time, and just all hanging out around the fire singing songs or being silly!

Rachel: We love to bake, usually muffins or cookies. My boys also will play in the tub for hours, lots of bubbles and toys are involved. We have a Wii but rarely pull it out (maybe once a month) so as a last resort we pull that out. D (’09) is discovering his love for science so if I know bad weather is coming I get a few things at the store to do at home experiments. DJ (’10) loves to finger paint for hours so that is an easy way to occupy him. During their quiet time I use bad weather days to organize and deep clean the toy room.

Cassie: When stuck inside we usually head to our “art bucket.” I have a 3 drawer container filled with crayons, markers, paint, playdoh, etc. The kids love creating new art pieces!

Gena: One thing we love to do when stuck inside due to cold weather is write to pen pals. E (’08) especially loves being able to address the envelopes and put the stamp on herself. We also love to watch movies. We make a big bowl of popcorn to share and snuggle on the couch with blankets.

Linda: H(’08) and R(’10) are super active kids so being stuck inside for any amount of time it torture. They love to play the game of who can make mommy crazy fastest! It’s usually a toss up of who actually wins that game. I’ve found that the good old blanket tent (or, as they call it, a camper) keeps them occupied for a long time. Then we try to fill in the rest of the time with Play doh, coloring, playing wii games, and movies.

Shellie: We home school, so we don’t need to take off for snow days (we do, however, take off occasional for spectacular spring days!). Since we continue with our studies regardless of cold/snowy weather, we use those days to snuggle up together on the couch with lots of blankets and I read aloud to the kids. Once we are done reading, we sometimes search on Netflix for movies that we can tie into the historical time period we are studying. If it’s actually snowing outside, we put out a big pot to catch snow and we make snow-creme (snow, milk, sugar, vanilla extract). We drink a lot of hot chocolate in addition to lots of cuddles!

Hannah: I have brought the snow inside! I start buy getting a few large cookie sheets for each of the kids and then put the snow on the sheets, then I grab a couple of empty squirt bottles and mix a little food dye and water. The kids love “painting” the snow. Another fun idea is getting a big storage tub, add a bag of rice and throw in some toy cars for some fun, hands-on entertainment for the kids.

Check out our Pinterest board for even more ideas for bad-weather days!

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I am a Connecticut-living, 41-year-old stay-at-home mom to two boys, F (’09) and M (’10). They are the cutest, funniest, smartest kids I know. Good thing too since they have also propelled me into the most difficult thing I know, parenting...read more More Posts

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