Parenting Daddy’s Girl When Daddy Is Away

Parenting Daddy’s Girl When Daddy Is Away

A (’09) is a stereotypical “daddy’s girl.” She treats him as if he is her personal concierge. He is constantly waiting on her and, yes, he spoils her. She has his undivided attention nearly every time she demands it.

Two weeks ago Daddy came home from work and delivered devastating news. He would have to leave for a full week on a business trip. I know what you are thinking, so what? Big deal! It’s just a week! Let me stop you right there.

First, I want to explain the seriousness of what is about to happen. My darling sweet child has a monstrous alter ego. It may be caused by the only-child-spoiled-brat-syndrome but it is really because she is a 5 year old girl.

Don’t believe me? Spend a day with a 5 year old girl. One minute you’ll be tea-partying your heart out thinking “this is adorable” and you’ll say something like “OK, time for a bath and pajamas!” And before you know it you’ll be wondering, “where did that sweet little girl go and how did this angry, frothing, battling troll get in here?” Normally her dad and I tag team these situations. As soon as one parent is feeling fatigued in the battle we tap out for the other parent. Eventually the troll is conquered and our sweet little princess comes back to us. Everyone survives.

Now I have to face that troll–alone–for one whole week! To make matters worse, he will leave on her birthday! Princess A (’09) is already resisting. She has been giving Daddy the cold shoulder. She went to school and announced how Daddy was leaving her on her birthday! I feel an anxiety attack coming on just thinking about the fights over eating dinner, bedtime, and not wearing flip flops to school in January in Western New York. My cries for help amidst the tears over extra TV time, junk food for breakfast, and drawing on the walls with mommy’s lipstick will go unanswered. There will be no one to pass the torch to. I’m going solo. Wish me luck.

Tell us, how do you survive being a temporary single parent?

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My name is Jen K. I’m a full-time working mama to one beautiful little girl, A (’09). I was 26 years old when my little mini-me invaded my body and gave me the best title I’ve ever held, Mom….read more

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My name is Jen K. I’m a full-time working mama to one beautiful little girl, A (’09). I was 26 years old when my little mini-me invaded my body and gave me the best title I’ve ever held, more More Posts

9 Comments to “Parenting Daddy’s Girl When Daddy Is Away”

  1. Since becoming a single parent I think my style has changed. I tend to be more lenient with some things but extra diligent with others…like morning and bedtime routines. I’m like a drill sergeant!

    Hope you survived!

  2. Hope all went well! I hear ya on the 5 yr old girl thing. We’re dealing with that too!

  3. I feel your pain. My 5 year old has an alter ego, too. I have to laugh so I don’t cry. She’s full of sparkle and sass.

  4. I will be feeling your pain soon! My hubby is looking at a job change with weeks/months/etc. away from home! Agh! I will survive! Now, I will survive is playing through my head!!! (((HUGS)))

  5. I have been there and done that! It is hard, it is exhausting, it will test your patience but I have every faith that you will come out the other side being okay. I find that filling a jar with hugs and kisses helps, one kiss and hug per day from Daddy. I also love skype/facetime, so do my kids. I would also make her a schedule of the days he is gone and plan a special activity for half-way through the week and always have a back-up babysitter so you can get a break if you need it! Love ya!

  6. With Antonio traveling often this happens a lot in our house. FaceTime helps. This last trip he was having a FIT at bedtime and actually stopped mid fit and asked to FaceTime. Hope it went well for you. Please post an update soon.

  7. My husband travels a lot for work. The key to my sanity is keeping busy. I try to plan things for us to do during the week, or activities to do at home. Because it will keep the kids occupied & thinking about dad less and it keeps me sane as well. It is hard, I won’t deny it. Facetime does help, I am thankful we can do that before bed. But with the time difference, it makes it difficult as well sometimes. Good luck. Ask for help, go to a friends for dinner. Every little bit helps!

  8. Gosh I think evening are hard since my husband works till 930. I give you props for maintaining your sanity for days at a time. :)

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