Perfectly Imperfect – Confessions and Concessions

A New Year's resolution to be myself, nothing more

Perfectly Imperfect – Confessions and Concessions

I hate to think of myself as a perfectionist, as I think of that as a derogatory term. I do, however, hold myself up to a very high standard and have high expectations of myself, and others. I have a difficult time admitting when I’m not perfect–or even a 90%.  I’m okay with my public self being a 90%. But anything less? Well, that’s just not me! Except that, honestly, it is. And I’m coming to terms with that.For example, I lose things. I consider myself well-organized, yet I lose things. My losing stuff tends to increase during busy, stressful times. Most recently, on Christmas Eve, I lost my keys. My keys are like my lifeline…my work keys too! I have no idea if I’m responsible, whether my husband misplaced them, or whether my 2-yr old threw them in the garbage. Regardless, they are gone. And I find myself very embarrassed at this very human error, as I’m going to have to explain to my employer that I’m imperfect if they don’t turn up.

I’ll readily admit to friends that I’m 15- 20 pounds overweight even though I know it’s more like 25- 30. But to say “30 pounds” seems insurmountable somehow (I know it’s not and many have lost that much and more).  To say “30 pounds” out-loud is admitting how very average I am. So, I’m swallowing that lump in my throat, and I’m putting it out there. I’m 30 pounds overweight and I know what I need to do (eat small meals throughout the day, extra protein, reduce sugar). I want the end results but I can’t seem to change my habits to get there.

I let my kids watch TV. And it’s not the 30 minutes of educational programming my perfect self would want to allow them. Sometimes it’s the same ridiculous episode of an annoying Disney kid show that entertains J (’09). Sometimes it’s on for hours at night, mostly unnoticed, but adding background noise to fill a quiet evening. I put it on for the kids so I can pay my bills, wash dishes, or just to have a bit of quiet time.

Another confession–and this is a tough one–I don’t always follow the exact prescription of exercises and time-frames set out for physical and occupational therapy for my son at home.  If I get most of the 90 minutes of therapy done each day, I consider it a major success. Life gets busy and we need time for play, and for going places, and exploring too. Additionally, I spend a lot of time managing sibling squabbles, cooking dinner, feeding them, dealing with food refusals, bath-time, and other general craziness and regular fun of raising young children and meeting all their needs. The fact that I’m imperfect with his home exercise regime is hard to admit, because I want to do everything I can to help my son develop and grow, and while I am doing my best, it doesn’t always match up with the standards the therapists set out for us.

This year, 2014, I’m getting real about who I am. I’m a working mom. I’m a commuter. I’m gone from home minimally 55 hours a week depending on traffic. I’m a single-shift mom, as my husband works evenings. I do a ton of housecleaning, dinner prep, bath time, bedtime routines. I’m raising two young children. I’m managing their medical needs, developmental needs, and educational needs as well as being their entertainer, booboo-fixer and mediator.  I’m not perfect, I can’t be. I have too many hats. I’m doing the best I can, and that’s perfectly fine.

This year, I’m going for honesty and integrity, and giving myself permission to be less than perfect all the time. I’m not going to be ashamed of it. It’s a journey of progress, not perfection. I will allow myself the understanding that there are things I need to work on, from the inside-out, but I’m a good person and I will always do my best. I’m not going to beat myself over the head with my mistakes, or shortcomings, because I admit I’m imperfect. I’m allowing myself to be human….to be average sometimes and, ahem, to sometimes fail.  I will learn from my mistakes, apologize when needed, change what is needed, and move on. I deserve it. And you do, too.


Hi! I’m Melissa, but most people close to me call me Mellie. I’m a beginning runner, amateur photographer, Starbucks aficianodo and a full-time employee and commuter…read more

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Hi! I’m Melissa, but most people close to me call me Mellie. I’m a beginning runner, amateur photographer, Starbucks aficianodo and a full-time employee and more More Posts

12 Comments to “Perfectly Imperfect – Confessions and Concessions”

  1. I love this, Mellie. I know I feel the same way…always thinking I could be doing more and feeling lazy and guilty. Thank you for posting something so honest!

  2. Real talk. I think if more women were honest with themselves, and their friends, we wouldn’t hold ourselves to unreachable goals. Thank you for stepping out and being REAL!

  3. Great post, I can relate in so many ways. Good to know we aren’t alone!

  4. Another great post! thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this, Mellie. I am always questioning myself – “am I doing enough?” – this makes me see that as long as I give it my best it is enough.

  6. Yes! You said it! I have 30-45 lbs to lose… I too struggle with keeping up the “good fight”! I go to the gym, I eat decent, but I need to stop the snacking! I am working on it and I am a work in progress. I am imperfect and that is ok… because I keep moving forward! I also let my kids watch too much tv or play too much “games”. I work from home doing time sheets, making schedules, planning (for my preschool class), etc. Sometimes, tv/games are what keep me sane. My kids are smart and thriving! They still get their veggies, wash behind their ears, and can run around with the best of them. I lose things too! Even though I too like to be organized! Life is busy for us! You said it though! WE are enough! WE are! Thank you for the article… very inspirational!

  7. This is so awesome Mellie! So nice to know that I’m not alone in some of my doubts! Love you!

  8. LOVE this post Mellie!

  9. You are awesome, Mellie! :)

  10. Thanks everyone, it really helps to know I’m not alone!!

  11. awesome post :-) Like you, I wear many hats and far more time away from home than i would like (and am often so tired when I do get home that I can just barely summon up the energy to talk to my daughter). But, I try to be home in time to read her a bedtime story and I try to give her 100% of my attention when I am at home (i.e. no computer time until she’s in bed). It’s taken me a long time to admit I’m not perfect and that I can’t ‘do it all’ but I’m slowly coming around to accepting it :-)

  12. Thanks Tash! We do have a lot in common; I also made a plan a year or so ago to eliminate internet/ TV time before the kids are asleep. Occasionally, I cheat, for a few minutes, but almost all the time I reserve it till after bed. :) Great strategy. All we can do is our best!

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