DenaeI’m Denae, a 30-something widowed mother of 2, D (’09) and P (’10). My dreams of a white picket fence, two beautiful kids and a happy marriage came to an abrupt end in May 2013 when my husband committed suicide leaving the three of us to try to make sense of it all. Unfortunately I’m no stranger to heartache having also lost my baby brother in 2008 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I’ve often wondered how many times a person’s heart can break before it just can’t be fixed anymore and I’ve learned that depends on the inner strength of the person. You can either let the bitterness and anger of death and heartache win or you can raise up your head, put a smile on your face and thank God every day that you were given the opportunity to love them.

I’m kind of a jack of all trades. I’m licensed to sell life and health insurance, securities, and investments. I’ve got several years of accounting experience, my expertise being in payroll management. I also have numerous years of experience working with adults with development disabilities a couple of those years were spent supervising homes, coordinating goals, funding, etc. My entire life I’ve wanted to be a mom, but I’ve always said I want to be the mom that can be successful at home and away from home.

I often tell people that I enjoyed running before running was cool. I’ve been a runner since I was about 9. I always used it as an opportunity to ‘get away’ and it’s been quite therapeutic for me. I’m just an ordinary girl trying to raise two kids and hoping and praying every day that I can do half as well as my own parents did.

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  1. Great bio! Love ya….

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