ShellieMy name is Shellie and I am a 40-ahem-something mother of 8 (yes, I birthed each one, no twins, same mom/same dad, we are neither Catholic nor Mormon) children and 1 (for now) grandchild. I have been married to the love of my life since 1986. I am a professional SAHM with 27 years of (some incredibly hilarious) experience(s). My kids are R (’87), T (’89), Z (’92), J (’94), M (’00), D (’01), L (’06), and B (’09). My grandbaby, Little Bear, was born in 2013, so I’m still a newbie grandma (which prompts me to tell you that I’m not a stereotypical rocking chair grandma and my grandma name is Mimi).

I have home educated all of my kids (no, I am not extremely organized, nor do I have extraordinary amounts of patience) and have graduated the eldest 4 of them. We started in 1992 and our home schooling journey may not reach its conclusion until around 2027 (at which time I fully expect my children to pool together their resources and send me and their dad to some gorgeous tropical island paradise in a grand gesture of incredible appreciation! ~well, I can dream, right?) Of the four oldest kids, one is married and working on building her household, one is the mother to my beautiful grandbaby, one is an active-duty Marine, and one is an aspiring musician currently recording his second album (do they actually call them albums anymore?). The younger 4 (one of whom is mildly mentally disabled) live with me, their daddy, and our nutty 1 year old Jack Russell terrorist…er…terrier.

Contrary to legend, I am neither Supergirl nor Wonder Woman, but rather I would be the super hero who emerges from the restroom with her cape embarrassingly hung up in the back of her not-so-opaque (but the package said they were) super hero tights. I am THAT hero! I am also “lovingly” referred to by my children as the Ice Princess due to my preference of a year-round indoor temperature of roughly 62.33 degrees (which may be the only way my kids ever associate me with being even remotely “cool”).

I look at this life as one adventure after another, but not the end of all things. I am completely in love with Jesus and eternally grateful for His sacrifice on my behalf. He has walked with me and carried me through both good and bad in life. I have learned how to laugh heartily because I have had to weep bitterly. And yet, through it all, He has been there loving me. I no longer know how to go through life without relying on Him. And I will tell you that I fully believe He is in Heaven now, building a sweet little white cottage with a red tin roof for me to live in when I get there!

I may be 48 right now, but I do feel in many ways like life has only just begun! I feel young and alive and ready to experience as much more love and adventure as I can fill my days with! Right now, the speed of life is “Go” and “Go Faster” and as I have thus far raced through all the days that are written for me I feel that I am finally realizing not only who I am (and I think I like me!), but also how to enjoy my life to the fullest!

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  1. Hey!! Wow. 8 kids. That’s amazing to me, and I AM Mormon!! :) Only 3 kids over here, and I feel in over my head. I loved your post today on laughter. It’s something I think that is so easy to forget to do amidst the chaos of motherhood. I look forward to keeping up with your blog. I guess we are assigned the same “tribe” through the SITS thingy this week. Glad I found your blog! -Meredith

  2. Thanks!! It’s easy to feel outnumbered! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Learning to laugh has definitely been a big thing for me and has allowed me to enjoy my family an awful lot more.
    I hope you continue to enjoy what My 30 Best Friends has to offer! :-)

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