I’m Kimberly, I’m mother to L (’09) and A (’11). My babies like to bake for 42 weeks so I have the February baby of our group. I am a military spouse, so I won’t even bother to put where we live since we move every 2-3 years. I’m a breastfeeding support person and personally believe in (and practice) extended breastfeeding with a mix of peaceful parenting, attachment parenting, and trusting my instincts.

My husband and I are middle school sweethearts who married after college and have been traveling the world with the Army ever since.

I’m a perpetual optimist and love public speaking (yes, I’m that crazy person), though I’m only outgoing once you get to know me. I have a BA in International Relations and a Masters of Human Relations, but have chosen to be a professional photographer to be able to express my creative side and still stay at home with my children (plus it is easier to relocate your business when you make all the decisions). I am a devoted volunteer and feel that public service is one of the best ways to raise children to be successful adults. My house is always a mess, but dinner is almost always homemade. I’m on a constant quest to say “no” to the world more often and “yes” to playing with my children. You can find my work at Letters From Home Photography.

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