KatieHey there! I am Katie. I am in my late thirties, though I really find it hard to believe where the time went and feel like just yesterday I married the love of my life in June of 2001. My husband and I met on New Year’s Eve 1998 and have been together every day since.

We always knew we wanted children and just short of a year after we were married (on Mother’s Day!) we found out we were expecting our first. M (’03) was my first January baby and she is still my sweet, smart girl. She is always looking out for her younger siblings and has always been my little helper. A (’04) was born almost 2 years later and he is the spitting image of his father in every way. He is into hunting and the outdoors, but also is the most sensitive caring boy I’ve ever met. We thought we were ‘done’ with our perfect little family, one boy and one girl. A few years later we decided that just one more would complete us. L (’09) is my 2nd January baby. She is a wild child, often referred to by family as Hurricane L. She is spirited and independent and will always speak her mind! When she turned 2 we decided that another just one more would be good! Many people commented on how crazy we must be to have four children. To us it just seemed right! C (’12) was born right smack between the girl’s birthdays, giving us 3 January babies all within one week of January. Needless to say it makes January an important month in our family! With the addition of a 2nd boy we finally feel complete!

In addition to being a wife and a mother I am an occupational therapist. I had worked part time (3-4 days a week) for a while but still felt that I was working more than I was being a mom. I wanted to be home for all holidays, vacations, etc. I left work in the medical field to pursue a job as a school therapist when M (’03) and A (’09) were just 2 and 4 years old. Since my husband is a teacher it just made sense for us to be all on the same schedule. However, I still find that it is a struggle to balance full time work and being a mom. It is something I am still working on for sure!

Most of my spare time is spent with my family. We love to travel together, explore nature, hike, and swim. Now that C (’12) is nearing 2-years-old I am starting to feel like I can have a little bit of ‘me’ time again. I enjoy sewing, crochet, cooking, and reading. I’m not sure when I will get to the point of being able to read a whole book again but I’m sure that day is coming soon! I know when my kids are grown I will miss these days and treasure every moment… even the middle of the night!

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