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JenCI am a 41 year old stay-at-home mom to two boys, F (’09) and M (’10). They are the cutest, funniest, smartest kids I know. Good thing too since they have also propelled me into the most difficult thing I know, parenting.

My oldest son had a speech delay and didn’t have any words at 2. Through lots and lots of therapy and attending pre-school he has caught up to his peers. Now I guiltily wish for some quiet.

I suffered from postpartum depression. Three months after my first son was born I lost a job I really loved (yup, first day back from maternity leave). Six months after that my husband and I had to sell our house. Three months later I was pregnant again. And when my youngest son was just over 1 year old I separated from my husband. No surprise I see a therapist regularly.

The biggest constant through all of these changes, besides my supportive family and close friends, has been this group of women that I’ve only ever met in an online forum. Posting my own questions, problems and vents has been helpful but I find the most joy in reading the other women’s posts and offering cheers, advise or sympathy.

Also…I am a web designer, blogger and social media guru. I’m a fan of the Boston Red Sox and summer. I dislike waking up in the morning (especially before the sun), pretensions, and waiting. I love coffee, brownie sundaes, and my Kindle.

You can read my other (curated craft) blogs or follow me on Pinterest, if you’d like: Quality DigiScrap Freebies, Quality Sewing Tutorials

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