HeidiHello! My name is Heidi. I am a daughter, sister, wife (’05), mother to A (’08) and L (’11). I am a Christian and try to raise my children with Christian values. I am a MOPS leader, a preschool lead teacher, a nursery supervisor, and sell “crafty” things! I am in love with Pinterest… guilty pleasure!

I am a rule follower and like things organized. I have a BA in criminal justice. I have been a paralegal, a armed security officer working with ICE, and a counselor at a teen residential rehab facility.

I came from a very strict house… and married straight out of high school because I was pregnant (’98). I was “tricked” into having an abortion… which, is the biggest thing in my life I wish I could have changed. I started doing drugs and smoking. My life was out of control. In 2003, my husband and I separated and in 2004, we were divorced.

I moved out of state and started a new chapter in my life, where I met J, roughly 6 months after my divorce. We met in the gym… I had lost lots of weight and became a gym rat. J and I were married (eloped) in 2005… two-ish weeks before Katrina. We were blessed to survive with little damage. But life after Katrina was a little rough, to say the least. We moved across the US for a few years and started trying for a baby in 2008. We miscarried 8 weeks into the pregnancy. I blamed myself for a long time. These trying times forced us to really get to know each other deeply and bonded us in a way like no other. My husband accepted God as his Savior and asked him into his heart in February 2013. I have enjoyed walking this path with him. Our future is bright!

A (’08), my son, was born on my birthday! The day is now more about him then me… which I am ok with! He is a joy to watch grow… he is smart, funny, strong and a great young boy! L (’11), my daughter, is spirited, sassy, and BUSY! She doesn’t stop and gets into everything! I love watching her personality flourish!

I enjoy being a mom more than anything… but like all moms, we struggle to keep our jobs, social life, workout, and house in balance. But this year, we have lots of life-changing plans! Let’s see where they lead!

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