CassieMy name is Cassie, I recently turned 30 and it still freaks me out. I’ve been dating my now husband since ’03 and we married in ’07. I have a son H1 (2009), and a daughter H2 (2011). We’ve recently decided to homeschool and we started Pre-K in August ’13.

Before having kids I taught elementary school for 2 years. After H1 was born, I tutored part time for 2 years, birthed H2, and now am blessed to be a full time SAHM.

I’m very introverted and meeting new people makes me crazy uncomfortable. I have only a few close friends, and like it that way. I am a Christ-follower who loves the Lord and I’m so thankful for His unending grace and love. I’m an almost-crunchy momma into attachment parenting, breastfeeding (although our days are now numbered, I’ve nursed both babies a combined 48 months) and natural/homeopathic living. I’m a wannabe photographer who loves scrapbooking and Pinterest crafting.

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