BonnieMy name is Bonnie and I’m a 27 year old mother of three. My children are M (’09), S (’10), and A (’12). In 2008 I lost my first baby which was very devastating. I ended up with surgery and methotrexate. I work full time as a nurse in a woman’s hospital and take care of a wide variety of patients including patients who are pregnant, postpartum, who have had any surgery including hysterectomy, tubes and ovaries removed, bladder surgery and more. I care for cancer patients and patients who’ve lost a baby at any gestation. I am learning to come up with a balance between work and raising a family and learning to say no.

My dream is to be a SAHM who baby sits and runs her own daycare. I am also learning to overcome self-esteem and body issues and anxiety. I’ve had plastic surgery this year and am very happy with the results.

I have been happily married to my wonderful husband Steven since 2007. My three children have his amazing skin and hair and beautiful half-Caucasian-half-Asian features.

I enjoy the beach, camping, and learning how to do new things. I can’t wait to get a camper and a boat! I love scrapbooking. I used to scrapbook with millions of stickers and decals but when my first child was little, that got to be too messy. Now I do online scrapbooks for each kid’s birthday which include a page for every month and all the major holidays of the prior year. I also love animals and we just welcomed a new cat into our family this Christmas, followed by 2 more cats (her sisters) a week later. Our 3 year old yellow lab, Scuby, is adjusting well. I think his Prozac is helping.

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  1. I want a boat too, Bonnie!!! Some day…

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