Ann Marie

AnnMarieHi there! I’m Ann Marie. I entered motherhood at the age of 40. (The one time I needed alcohol to cope with my advancing age and I couldn’t drink at my own birthday party.) I’m a single mother to my daughter M (’09) who is a sassy little princess. She loves anything that sparkles and has endless amounts of energy. I work more than full-time as an attorney for my state’s legislature. When the legislature is in session, I’m on-call 24/7. When the legislature is not in session, known as the interim, my schedule is my own and I can take a lot of time off.

I’ve been divorced since 2011. M’s father is a pilot who is out of town 19 days each month. I was accustomed to being a single mother before being divorced. My family lives out-of-state and can’t help with childcare. That has meant I’ve had to find both daycare and an after-hours babysitter for the weekends and evenings that I have to work and my ex is working.

I’m very social, love to meet new people and have been labeled by my friends as a “joiner”. I’m a member of The Junior League, book club, investment club, a monthly women’s wine group, called Women Who Wine, and a health club. I was a member or organizer of these groups before I had M and haven’t quit. Quite often M tags along with me. She thinks she’s one of the gals!

I met my ex-husband through an online dating site. Clearly, that didn’t end well. When I got divorced I promptly re-entered the familiar world of online dating. In January 2013 I began dating a special someone I met online. We are so much alike it’s frightening. I continue to struggle to find the balance between being a good mother and being a good girlfriend.

My interests include golfing, biking, cross-country skiing, and running when the weather cooperates. I keep active any way that I can. I spent most of my life being overweight, until I lost over 50 lbs in my 30’s. I don’t ever want to go back there! I also love to travel, read, laugh, and can be caught singing along with the radio at stop lights.

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