Amy S

AmySHello! I’m Amy, a 30-something mom, wife, daughter, sister and social worker from California. I work full-time in adoptions and although I love my career, I really desire to be home with my kiddos – luckily my job affords me the ability to work at home so I see their precious, and sometimes cranky, little faces throughout the day. My little beauties, K (’09) & P (’10), are the best of friends and I enjoy seeing their relationship grow. My little man, H (’12), is a cuddly boy but will let you know when he wants his freedom.

I’m actively involved in my church and MOPS group. I love meeting with other moms, encouraging them, praying with them and finding out that I am not alone in this journey. I experienced postpartum anxiety after the birth of my third child and found myself desperate to overcome it. The support I received from other moms was amazingly uplifting and I learned that it was possible to get through this time in my life. I’ve now overcome the anxiety with the help of an awesome nutritional therapist and the implementation of dietary & lifestyle changes. Above all, I have been sustained by my creator and savior, Jesus Christ.

I’m a wannabe interior designer, makeup artist, hair stylist and personal shopper. If I was not a happily married mother of three, I’d be living it up in a big city attempting to be one of the professions above – but that time has passed and I’d choose being a wife and mother over those things any day!

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